Buyers Owned Brand

“Private Label” or “Buyer's Owned Brand” is a wine label belonging “Just-for-You!” and is applied to a wine we organize to produce to give you a complete branded packaged product.

Our company also specializes in designing, organizing production with suitable wineries and implementation of “Private Labels” into the Chinese market. And in the last few years, we have witnessed huge growth in the private label segment, in particular with customers who wished to hold an identity or a trademark just for themselves to promote & advertise, distribute & to sell, but with pride because they are doing it for their own brand.

We successfully help Private Label clients:

  • In building value and equity in their own wine brand
  • By supplying quality wine at a rational price point
  • In the design & printing of the labels
  • By providing bottling, production, labeling and distribution logistics
  • By providing logistic solutions

We are simply a “one-stop-shop” from start to finish and provide all the export documents and certificates necessary for the importation of wine into the country of destination.