Exporting Wines

We are proud to have developed good relationships with all our valuable wineries and import partners; and constantly strive to provide the best in professional and personalized service.

Export Management:

Market Entry Programs

We have developed relationships with a network of import partners for our wines, in addition to relevant trade, media and Government representatives.

Market Development

  • ​Education is our key to developing the market to understand about our fine quality & super premium wines and we assist our import partners to build the winery’s brands they represent.
  • We also assist our import partners in the “Private label” wines they nominated to promote by supporting with good story from the winery that produces the wines.

Export Marketing

Our Export Manager regularly visits the export markets to work with our representatives or appointed sole distributors in support with up-to-date marketing collateral from wineries in a professional and presentable format for them to use. He will attend and assist in every wine promotional show or dinners organised by our representatives too.

Export Processing

Our office in Melbourne maintains a constant interaction between importers and wine suppliers. From here, orders and shipping paperwork are processed, and we ensure all orders are in compliant with the importing country.

Export Administration:

Each and every wine that we purvey comes with the assurance that we have done the utmost to ensure both its provenance and perfect handling.

Our company is familiar with the complexities of the Chinese market and our office in Melbourne ensures:

  • Processing of Order
  • Production, Transportation & Freight
  • Required Export Documents & Certificates of importing countries.

Our daily communication between our offices in Melbourne and our sources in China ensures rapid and efficient responses to any questions.


We strongly encourage our import partners and their sales staff or even their important clients to visit Australia, so as to gain first-hand experience and understanding of our wine styles and tastes; and to give them a stronger ability to ‘tell the story’ about our wines.

An excellent introduction to Australian wine can be found on the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation's Wine Australia website, including a dedicated online education platform designed to explore and uncover the key issues involved in the making, marketing and enjoyment of wine.